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Roberto Romano -Furniture Designer

Meet Roberto Romano

Interior Architect Artist

Roberto Romano is an interior architect & artist. He consults, designs, and builds environments, spaces and objects tailored to your personal aesthetic.  Whether it is your home, business, landscape or special environment, he captures your imagination and ideas and helps bring them to life. He only works with organic, recycled, green natural materials, which parallels the Green Work / Movement primary goal of reducing our carbon footprint. Roberto's artwork presents the true cause and effect that he feels while working on his creations.

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"The element speaks to me. The elements I select such as a piece of metal, stone, or wood dictates what it wants to be and where it will live. It is my goal to take myself out of the process and let the energies of life, joy, and fulfillment take my projects where they need to go. I am just as pleased as my clients to see where the journey of creating a beautiful and functional piece of art will take us. I am truly along for the poetic journey."

- Roberto Romano

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